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호주 Origin-A 프로폴리스 원액 40% 25ml x 3병



Origin-A Propolis Tincture 40% 25ml X 3병 = 1 세트
(프로폴리스 원액)

Propolis is known as nature’s antibiotic. 
The natural healing of properties of Propolis have been used for centuries by such cultures as the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who were well acquainted with the medicinal values of Propolis.

Dose: 25 ml

Set: 3 Bottles

Recommended Adult Dosage: (권장 사용량)

Topically: Swab affected area with tincture up to 3 x daily. 
외용 : 액제를 면봉에 묻혀 하루에 세번까지 환부에 바르세요.

Oral: Take 5 to 10 drops (1/4 to ½ ml) in water daily.
내복: 물에 5~10방울(0.25~0.5ml)을 섞어 매일 드세요.

Additional Information
It was only recently that scientists began to rediscover the beneficial properties of Propolis for mankind. 
Numerous studies have shown that Propolis is effective in alleviating colds, stress, pharyngitis, and other problems. 
Hipocrates used Propolis as a salve to heal sores and wounds and studies have shown Propolis to be effective as a sunscreen.

Benefits of Propolis
Propolis ingredients have antibiotic and calming qualities, soothing congestion and cough; stomach upsets as well as ulcers. 
Propolis is the only food on earth containing all 22 nutrients needed by the body for complete and good health.
Propolis may help stimulates, strengthens and rejuvenates the immune system, which is the body’s defense system against disease, cellular destruction and aging.

Caution: Propolis may cause allergic reactions. 
Test on skin before use. 
If skin irritation or swelling of the mouth or throat occurs, discontinue use. 
If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. 
Always read the label. Use only as directed. 
Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate. 
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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호주 Origin-A 프로폴리스 원액 40% 25ml x 3병





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